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Rsync stuff

I am contributing to and supporting rsync, the fast, versatile remote file-copying tool.  I maintain this collection of rsync-related materials, which roughly consists of rsync packages, my custom version of rsync, related scripts, and information about development tools and work in progress.

Useful links: official site, downloads, mailing list info and archives, Bugzilla, browse official source repository.

My rsync source repository

In the spirit of distributed development, I now have my own rsync source repository (git), which you can browse or clone from the link.  Here's a mirror that supports git:// access.  In this repository, I plan to offer my fixes and enhancements that have not yet been proposed/considered for the official rsync, some changes that Wayne declined for the official rsync but I believe important, rsync-related experiments, and anything else people find useful.

Here's what's in the repository now:

Out-of-date stuff that I moved aside around 2008-07-29 until I have time to update it:

Starting 2010-03-24, there is a separate repository for the maintained patches, like upstream.

This repository is all very experimental.  I don't have all the infrastructure in place (do we want a mailing list specific to my stuff?), and I haven't decided how I'm going to structure proposed vs. declined patches or whether I'll do releases of a custom rsync or just let people pull it from the repository.  I'm figuring this out as I go; I'm open to suggestions, and please do tell me if something's broken.

Beginning on 2008-03-20, I am sending my proposed patches to this "rsync-patches" list instead of the main rsync list.

New manpage

I am working on major revisions to the rsync man page to improve its organization and clarity.  The new man page has been discussed in the following mailing list threads:

Here is the current draft of the new man page:

DescriptionFileSizeModification time
man page, yodl sourcersync.yo302392007-10-12 17:05:59 +0000
man page, generated man versionrsync.1304842007-10-12 17:06:08 +0000

Please send me comments and suggestions.


instant-rsyncd lets you quickly set up and start a simple, unprivileged rsync daemon with a single module in the current directory.  I've found it invaluable for quick testing, and I use it when writing a list of commands that people can paste into a terminal to reproduce a daemon-related bug.  Sysadmins deploying an rsync daemon for the first time may find it helpful as a starting point.

Last change: On 2008-08-14, I changed instant-rsyncd to disable group and other permissions on the secrets file to avoid running afoul of the daemon's "strict modes" check, and I improved the comment at the top.

FileSizeModification time
instant-rsyncd25732008-08-14 17:41:28 +0000

Matt McCutchen's Web SiteRsync materials  (Top, My rsync source repository, New manpage, instant-rsyncd, Bottom).  Email me about this page.
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