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2007-01-09 Wayne DavisonRemoved a couple items (one complete, one that we don...
2006-02-03 Wayne DavisonRemoved completed items.
2005-03-01 Wayne DavisonRemoved section on parsing IPv6 literal addresses.
2005-02-21 Wayne DavisonUpdated to remove completed items and add a little...
2004-06-06 Wayne DavisonUpdated a couple things.
2004-04-29 Wayne DavisonMention the desire to improve how a daemon returns...
2004-02-21 Wayne DavisonGot rid of the "refuse options" section.
2004-02-14 J.W. SchultzRemove "Conditional -z for old protocols" because those old
2004-02-06 J.W. SchultzUpdate TODO to reflect recent changes.
2003-12-17 J.W. SchultzRemoved hardlink reporting bug from TODO list -- seems...
2003-12-17 J.W. SchultzAdded keword base reporting to TODO features list.
2003-12-17 J.W. SchultzReorganized and cleaned up TODO list.
2003-12-15 Wayne DavisonRemoved some obsolete items.
2003-04-01 J.W. SchultzRemove tempname length problem and files-from from...
2003-01-27 Paul GreenAdded a TODO item about temporary file names bumping...
2003-01-27 David DykstraRemove the "Connection reset by peer" from TODO
2003-01-26 David DykstraRemove a couple items I know are no longer needed.
2002-05-14 Martin PoolBetter notes about handling IPv6 on old machines
2002-05-14 Martin PoolFix little mistake
2002-05-14 Martin PoolNote about lchmod.
2002-05-13 Martin PoolNote that using the old sockets API probably will not...
2002-04-26 Martin PoolAdd note about resolving Debian gid problem.
2002-04-24 Martin PoolNotes about handling machines lacking getaddrinfo().
2002-04-19 Martin PoolNote from Alberto Accomazzi that rsync urls are broken...
2002-04-15 Martin Pool--no-blocking-io might be broken in the same way as...
2002-04-13 Martin PoolNote about testing "refuse options"
2002-04-13 Martin Pool*** empty log message ***
2002-04-12 Martin PoolNotes on testing, release, and todo items from the...
2002-04-11 Martin PoolNote about manual revision.
2002-04-09 Martin PoolNotes about supplementary groups and -z.
2002-04-08 Martin PoolNotes on MD4 performance. This quite unnecessarily...
2002-04-08 Martin PoolNote on debugging daemon
2002-04-08 Martin PoolNotes about logging.
2002-04-05 Martin PoolNote about two small bugs.
2002-04-05 Martin PoolDoc
2002-04-03 Martin PoolNote about --dry-run.
2002-03-25 Martin PoolAdd note about possible hardlink bug.
2002-03-22 Martin PoolNotes on logging etc
2002-03-19 Martin Pooltodo: Versions of read() and write() that corrupt the...
2002-03-19 Martin PoolDoc: Pipe program that makes slow/jerky connections.
2002-03-16 Martin PoolNeed a test for "refuse options"
2002-03-16 Martin PoolNote about
2002-03-15 Martin PoolNote about debian #28416
2002-03-15 Martin PoolAdd debian bug #
2002-03-15 Martin Pool Keep stderr and stdout properly separated (Debian...
2002-03-15 Martin PoolMore notes
2002-03-15 Martin PoolSuggestion from david.e.sewell to add --diff.
2002-03-13 Martin PoolMore notes on testing.
2002-03-13 Martin Pool If a child of the rsync daemon dies with a signal...
2002-03-12 Martin PoolNotes on chmod.
2002-03-12 Martin Pool If we get an error writing to a socket, then we shoul...
2002-03-12 Martin PoolAdd link to purify replacement.
2002-03-12 Martin PoolAdd link to purify replacement.
2002-03-12 Martin PoolNote about TDB.
2002-03-12 Martin PoolNotes on testing.
2002-03-12 Martin PoolNote about splint.
2002-03-08 Martin PoolNotes from Rasmus about statistics.
2002-02-25 Martin PoolMore discussion about zlib.
2002-02-19 Martin PoolDoc
2002-01-25 Martin Poolmallinfo is implemented.
2002-01-25 Martin PoolNotes about flist.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolAt the connections that just get a list of modules...
2002-01-23 Martin PoolNote about proxy authentication and SOCKS.
2002-01-21 Martin PoolDon't need to reread configuration on SIGHUP because...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolDoc
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.10: Documentation about flist scalabi...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.9: Documentation about flist scalability
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.4: Documentation about flist scalability
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.4: Documentation about future develop...
2001-12-20 Martin PoolSuggestion from David Stein
2001-12-18 Martin PoolNote about hardlink performance.
2001-12-18 Martin PoolNote rsyncd-over-ssh and documentation TODOs.
2001-12-05 Martin PoolDoc
2001-12-05 Martin PoolSuggestions from KAME IPv6 newsletter.
2001-12-05 Martin PoolNote from tpot that sighup should have standard behavio...
2001-12-02 Martin PoolMore notes from email.
2001-12-02 Martin PoolAdd note about device major/minor numbers, and about...
2001-11-30 Martin PoolNote error cases that we ought to improve.
2001-11-29 Martin PoolAdd notes on things to do mentioned on the list in...
2001-11-29 Martin PoolIPv6 support is now merged.
2001-08-22 Martin PoolNote about cross-testing different versions.
2001-08-18 Martin PoolUpdate notes; add idea about rsyncsh
2000-10-11 Martin PoolQuick list of things to do.