Changed some instances of \" in checkit calls to '.
[rsync/rsync.git] / testsuite / compare-dest.test
2007-09-03 Wayne DavisonChanged some instances of \" in checkit calls to '.
2006-02-04 Wayne DavisonAdded a missing '(' in the opening comments.
2006-02-03 Wayne DavisonDecided I don't like "set -x".
2005-03-11 Wayne DavisonRe-enabled the --copy-dest part of the test.
2005-02-26 Wayne DavisonAdded "set -x".
2005-02-23 Wayne DavisonCommenting out link-dest test for now.
2005-02-23 Wayne DavisonChanged --copy-dest to --link-dest.
2005-02-20 Wayne DavisonGot rid of "set -x" ( has a way to set this...
2004-11-27 Wayne DavisonAdded tests for multiple --compare-dest options and...
2004-07-23 Wayne DavisonFixed the opening comments.
2004-07-21 Wayne DavisonImproved the test a little.
2004-07-21 Wayne DavisonAdding a test for the --compare-dest option.