Switching to GPL 3.
[rsync/rsync.git] / lib / permstring.c
2007-07-07 Wayne DavisonSwitching to GPL 3.
2006-10-13 Wayne DavisonChanged strcpy() calls into strlcpy() calls, just to...
2006-04-25 Wayne DavisonUpdated the FSF's address to an even newer one.
2006-04-25 Wayne Davison- Updated the address for the FSF in the opening comment.
2006-01-30 Wayne DavisonChanged the mode arg from an int to a mode_t.
2003-01-10 Wayne DavisonOnly refer to S_ISVTX if S_ISVTX is defined.
2001-11-29 Martin PoolJust include h rather than all the individual headers.
2001-11-27 Martin PoolWhen producing a ls-style permissions string, also...
2001-11-27 Martin PoolSplit code to generate "rwx-----" strings into lib...