Switching to GPL 3.
[rsync/rsync.git] / chmod.c
2007-07-07 Wayne DavisonSwitching to GPL 3.
2007-02-04 Wayne DavisonFurther modifications to the copyright comment section.
2006-04-25 Wayne DavisonUpdated the FSF's address to an even newer one.
2006-04-25 Wayne Davison- Updated the address for the FSF in the opening comment.
2006-02-24 Wayne Davison- The orig_umask value is now a mode_t.
2006-02-19 Wayne DavisonChanged parse_chmod() to return the pointer to the...
2006-01-30 Wayne DavisonChanged the way the parse_chmod() function is called.
2006-01-21 Wayne DavisonTweaked parse_chmod() so that it takes a pointer to...
2005-11-07 Wayne DavisonNew --chmod support routines.